Then We Buried The Horses

Filter Theory · Then We Buried The Horses

Thanks for taking the time to consider our music. We really appreciate it.

Filter Theory are an independent band based in Sydney, Australia who play dark instrumental music. If someone is into Mogwai, Nine Inch Nails or This Will Destroy You, they’ll probably find something to like with us.

We released our first EP in late 2020, but we’re now releasing our first music for 2021, a single called Then We Buried The Horses.

It officially releases on March 29, but if this is something that you think might fit with your audience, we’re happy for you to use it earlier than that.

Download links for different audio formats, artwork and links to social media and streaming channels are below.

Any questions or extra requirements, don’t hesitate to ask us, and thanks again for your consideration.

Filter Theory

Track Title: Then We Buried The Horses

Launch Date: 29th March, 2021 (but we’re ok with you going early)

Track Info: Most tracks start with some musical element: a melody line, a chord progression, an interesting rhythmic idea, etc. This one was a bit unusual, especially for an instrumental, in that it started with the title.

Then We Buried The Horses immediately evoked that moment in a story when things have reached the point of no return. Events have gone so badly for the characters that you know they are doomed, you’re just waiting for the inevitable end to play out.

Once we had that imagery in our heads, all we had to do was write the soundtrack for it.

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