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Thanks for taking the time to consider our music. We really appreciate it.

Filter Theory are an independent band based in Sydney, Australia who play dark, instrumental music. If someone is into Mogwai, Nine Inch Nails or This Will Destroy You, they’ll probably find something to like with us.

We have a few releases under our belts, but we’re now releasing the first track off our next album, a single called No Maps.

It officially releases on October 3, 2022, but if this is something that you think might fit with your audience, we’re happy for you to use it earlier than that.

Download links for different audio formats, artwork and links to social media and streaming channels are below.

Any questions or extra requirements, don’t hesitate to ask us, and thanks again for your consideration.

Filter Theory

Track Title: No Maps

Launch Date: 3rd October, 2022 (but we’re ok with you going early)

Track Info: No Maps began life as part of the soundtrack for an indie horror film. However when the filmmaker struck problems with their funding and had to put the movie on hold for awhile, we decided we really wanted to complete and release this track anyway.

Hopefully we’ll get to finish the rest of the soundtrack, but in the meantime, we have No Maps. The contrast of the lone piano against the increasingly dark atmosphere, builds tension as it heads towards something monstrous. No Maps reflects the feeling of being out of your depth and without a guide or any experience that would prepare you for the coming storm.

What others have said about Filter Theory:

“Like early Mogwai at their darkest” Postcards From The Underground

“Filter Theory draws the listener into an experience that leaves them alone with their darkest fears and insecurities”Blinkers Removed

“Sydney post-rockers Filter Theory are back in big form with this skilfully chiseled instrumental track. Dark, epic and intense”Totoromoon

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